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4 Kinetic Typography 2020 Techniques in After Effects | Tutorial

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There are man ways to create kinetic typography in After Effects. We’ve done many tutorials on it. So we’re going to continue our series on typography and talk about several upcoming techniques I’ve seen this year. Learn how to create a quick twister title. Column Typography, seamless flicker titles, and a quick 3D Ball Title. So be sure to enjoy this tutorial!

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0:00 Intro – Smash The Like Button 🙂
0:34 Tip One – Twister Flip Title
4:11 Tip Two – Seamless Column Kinetic Animation
5:14 Use Over 500 Templates With Our After Effects Extension
6:21 Tip Three – Seamless Title Flicker
9:51 Tip Four – 3D Ball Title
9:48 Outro – Please Subscribe 🙂

By: SonduckFilm
Title: 4 Kinetic Typography 2020 Techniques in After Effects | Tutorial
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