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4 DaVinci Resolve Motion Graphics For Beginners | Tutorial

Alrighty, the first motion graphics tutorial for DaVinci resolve. DaVinci Resolve used to be known for it’s post color capabilities, but now it’s a free one-stop shop for all your post-production needs. In this motion graphics tutorial, we’ll go through 4 techniques for beginners and learn how to easily create a title intro.

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0:00 Intro – Smash The Like Button 🙂
0:48 Save Time Editing – Link in Description
1:29 Technique 1 – Title & Background Layout
3:30 Technique 2 – Adding Shapes
5:24 Technique 3 – Using Matte Animations
5:42 Bonus Technique – Multiple Titles
7:48 Technique 4 – Line Animation
9:37 Outro – Please Subscribe 🙂

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Title: 4 DaVinci Resolve Motion Graphics For Beginners | Tutorial
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