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4 Creative Ways to Use Adjustment Layers in Adobe Premiere Pro

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial, Premiere Gal shows you 4 ways to use Adjustment Layers in Adobe Premiere Pro including how to create smart adjustment layers which you can use over and over again in future projects.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 What is an adjustment layer?
0:36 Letterboxes with adjustment layers
1:43 Color grading with adjustment Layers
4:20 Earn Passive Income on Adobe Stock
5:54 How to make smart adjustment layers
7:23 Make a project template with smart adjustments
8:03 Text Blurs with Adjustment Layers
9:51 Final Thoughts on adjustment layers

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By: Premiere Gal
Title: 4 Creative Ways to Use Adjustment Layers in Adobe Premiere Pro
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