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3 Ways to Animate Video Subtitles + New AI tool !

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In this Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial, Premiere Gal shows you how to use ai to generate your own transcript and captions. She shows you how to create custom reveal animations using Essential Graphics and how to create your own pop motion preset. You’ll also learn how to import and use text presets from Storyblocks, plus how to use two new Ai captioning tools that will automatically animating your text to what you say!

➜ Try Premiere Pro for Auto-Transcription & Captions:
➜ Try Descript for Auto-Animated Captions:
➜ Try VEED for auto-animated Captions (another service):
➜ Try Captions App for Ai Generated Animates Subtitles:

➜ Gal’s Film Split Screen Pack:
➜ Gal Edition Editing Keyboard:
➜ Live workshops:
0:00 Intro
0:33 Creating Captions in Pr
1:37 Stylizing Captions
2:12 Converting Caption to Graphic
2:51 Mask Reveal Animation
4:22 Pop in and Out Animation
7:34 Working with Text Motion Presets
9:18 Descript Ai Subtitles
11:20 Captions Ai App for Phone
12:55 Final Thoughts

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By: Premiere Gal
Title: 3 Ways to Animate Video Subtitles + New AI tool !
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