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2D to 3D with Cinema 4D

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You’ve been meaning to create 3D models or entire videos, but were afraid to switch from 2D shape animations to 3D?

This course will help you overcome your fear of 3D and pull you into the 3D world forever. You no longer want to create 2D animations and suffer creating fake 3D and animating Paths in After Effects. Cinema 4D is a world of new possibilities. In the course, we immerse you in this world. We will deal with modeling and its types, animation, and the creation of materials. We’ll cover the light settings and rendering.

We will cement all this knowledge in practical lessons since practice is an integral part of your progress. You will be able to create full-fledged 3D videos.

🎁Bonuses: 100% off on the Offset effector C4D plugin.

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By: Motion Design School
Title: 2D to 3D with Cinema 4D
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