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25 QUICK FIRE TIPS & TRICKS for Davinci Resolve Beginners – Tutorial

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Time stamps!!
0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Change size/order Project Manager Screen
0:54 – Copy Existing Project
1:10 – Project Settings/Framerate
1:29 – Set custom Directory for Media Storage
1:52 – Add Media via File Explorer
1:58 – Add Media Folder
2:12 – Create Bin/Folder within Media Pool
2:30 – Add Sections of videos using In and Out
3:17 – Access different Import Options when adding media to timeline
3:27 – Cut/Blade shortcut
3:33 – Backspace Vs Delete
3:53 – Change volume directly on timeline
4:00 – Change volume via Inspector
4:11 – Change volume for entire track
4:24 – Delete Audio without deleting linked Video
4:41 – Make copy of any clip on timeline using ALT shortcut
4:45 – Keyboard Shortcuts
5:23 – Add Transition
5:42 – Adjust length of transition
5:49 – Fix issue where transition wont work
6:17 – Adjust Transition settings
6:28 – Access Transform and Cropping via Inspector
7:06 – Add solid colour to timeline
7:33 – Create custom output
7:53 – Output parts of Project

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Title: 25 QUICK FIRE TIPS & TRICKS for Davinci Resolve Beginners – Tutorial
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