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10 Best Kinetic Typography Templates for After Effects [2022]

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Kinetic Typography can help bring animated video to life, evoke emotion for the viewer, catch attention in a short space of time, and deliver a powerful message simply and visually. If you’re looking to create an energetic and fast-paced video, we’ve collected the 10 best kinetic typography templates for After Effects.

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Number 10 (0:48)
Kinetic Typo by dearts

Number 9 (1:07)
Kinetic Typography by twoheaded

Number 8 (1:36)
Kinetic Typography by Promak

Number 7 (2:00)
Kinetic Titles by imleany

Number 6 (2:27)
Kinetic Typography by Real-Motion

Number 5 (3:04)
Kinetic Typography by Alexwish

Number 4 (3:31)
Kinetic Typography by TherealistNetwork

Number 3 (3:59)
Kinetic Titles by YETYYY

Number 2 (4:22)
Kinetic Typography by JustUp

Number 1 (4:49)
Typographic Kinetic Posters Titles by honypix

Shapes and Colors Broadcast Package by Pixamins

Energizing Summer Beat by SummerLoops

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Title: 10 Best Kinetic Typography Templates for After Effects [2022]
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