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10 Awesome Highlighter Effects | Davinci Resolve Free Effects

Free Highlighter Effect for Davinci Resolve. The highlighter effect is quick and easy to use. Add it to your videos to highlight words, elements on the screen or create different effects. Easily adjust position, size, color and display settings.

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00:00 Intro
00:17 Highlighter Plus
00:29 Examples
00:41 Like & Subscribe
00:57 Create Shapes
01:02 You Can’t See Me
01:08 Charts & Info
01:14 Use The Force
01:20 Don’t Look Up
01:27 Create Art
01:34 Are We There Yet?
01:40 Lightning
01:45 The Floor Is Lava
01:50 Cross Out
02:04 Using JustHighlighter
03:01 Adjust Position
03:33 Change Color
04:58 Display Settings
06:52 Multiple Lines
08:18 Dark Background
09:16 Download & Install
09:33 Thanks / Like / Subscribe

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By: William Justice
Title: 10 Awesome Highlighter Effects | Davinci Resolve Free Effects
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